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"This overview will help you easily get started with Ed Controls!"

How do I get started with Ed Controls?

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As soon as you have decided for Ed Controls, you naturally want to get started as soon as possible. To do this, follow these four easy steps.

To use Ed Controls, you’ll need to create an account once. This registration is based on your email address.

Read here how to register an account.

After you register an account, you’ll need a project to work in. Administrators create projects. You or an employee will be assigned the of Administrator role by our support team.

Read here how to create a project.

A project that has just been created is still empty. Therefore, the next step is to add a drawing.

Read here how you can add a drawing.

Once you’ve added a drawing to the project, you can start creating tickets.

Read here how to create your ticket.

Read about the ticket workflow here.

Steps 1 to 4 explain the basics of Ed Controls. The next step is learning to use audits correctly.
Read all about how to use audits in Ed Controls here

Updated on 26-05-2021

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