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"This overview will help you easily get started with Ed Controls!"

How do I get started with Ed Controls?

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Welcome to Ed Controls!

This guide will take you step-by-step through how to get started with Ed Controls, make it your
Set up project and create and monitor initial tickets.

To use Ed Controls, you first create a one-time account. This registration is based on your email address.

Read here how to register an account.

After you have registered an account and logged in, you will need a project to work in. A project can be created by the Administrator of the contract. In addition, the Administrator can also archive the project when the project is completed.

The Administrator can add roles at the project level. Here are the roles:
– Accountable;
– Support;
– Informed;
– Consulted.
At the bottom you will find all the information about the roles and rights within Ed Controls.

In consultation with the account manager, an Administrator will be assigned to the contract so you can get started quickly.

Read here how to create a project.

Read all about roles and rights here

Once a project has been created and the roles at the project level have been distributed by the Administrator, you can get started with Ed Controls.

The project is currently empty. Ed Controls works on the basis of tickets on drawings. Therefore, the next step is to add drawings.

Adding a drawing for tickets can only be done through the web browser and by those with the Administrator, End User and Support roles.

Before you can upload a drawing or other file you must first create a Library group. By giving these groups clear names, you provide a clear structure. In fact, the names of the Library groups are alphabetical and guide the sorting under the Tickets tab.

Example: Block A, Block B, Block C.
But what can also be done is to work with numbers. Ed Controls will sort sequentially, so when the group names are: 02 Block A, 01 Block C, and 00 Block B. The order will be:
00 Block B
01 Block C
02 Block A

Read here how to add a drawing and how to structure your project

Once you have added a drawing to the project, you can start creating tickets on this drawing.

The Accountable and Support can assign tickets at the ticket level to the following three roles:
– Responsible person; (the action holder who can sign off on the task)
– Consulted; (person concerned who can respond)
– Informed. (person concerned unable to respond)

The three roles above can use Ed Controls for free.

The various information fields to provide the ticket with information are:
– Topic: A short and clear name for what needs to be done
– Description: A short text that clarifies in more detail what has been recorded.
– Label: A label allows you to categorize a ticket for filtering.

In the links below you will find more information on how exactly to create a ticket, create a structure with labels and what information you can enter further.

Read here how to create your ticket.

Read here how to assign multiple tickets at once

Read about the ticket workflow here.

Read about the different roles and rights here

By adding a label to tickets, you ensure that you can always find tickets again and maintain an overview. You then simply filter by the label in the filter menu.

Labels might include:
– Building numbers: BN01, BN02, etc.
– Stages in a construction project. For example, Phase: Preview, Phase: Completion, etc.
– Categories: Category: Architectural, Category: E-Installations, Category: W-Installations, etc.
– Quality Assurance Act. For example, WKB: Reinforcement, WKB: Insulation,.

By combining labels you can create a structure in a project. For example, if you are looking for all tickets of Building number 03, in the Completion phase with category: W-installations. Simply click on these labels, and all tickets that have these labels will come up.

You can also add labels to drawings. Again, you can choose Building Numbers, for example. When you then filter in the Ticket tab on this/these Building Number(s) all tickets created on this drawing(s) will come up.

Learn how to add a label to a ticket here.

Read also: Steps 1 through 5 explain the basics of Ed Controls. The next step is learning to use audits correctly.
Read all about how to use audits in Ed Controls here

Updated on 14-10-2022

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