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How do I create a project?

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Only Administrators can create a project through web.edcontrols.com.

  1. Log into web.edcontrols.com;
  2. Click on the “faucet icon with the plus sign” at the top right of the screen;
  3. In the new screen, first select the right contract;
  4. Complete the required fields: project name, location, and Accountable;
  5. It is possible to copy parts from an existing project to your new project, for more information click here;
  6. Optionally add an image, logo (both max 500kb size) and start and end dates;
  7. Now fill in the remaining roles, if necessary;
  8. After completing the fields, click “save.
  9. Your project has been created and is ready to go.

Tip: The project image and logo can be rotated and zoomed in and out. Be sure to save the change after editing by clicking the check mark.

Please note: JPEG and PNG are the two file types supported for the project image and logo.

Note: The Support role claims a license and has access to the entire project.
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Note: A Consulted and Informed do not claim a license and have limited access to the project.
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Updated on 01-12-2022

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