1. Unclutter your projects: Soft delete feature for tickets and audits

Unclutter your projects: Soft delete feature for tickets and audits

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We recognise that errors can occur, and keeping a tidy, uncluttered workspace is essential for effective project management. To address this, we are rolling out an innovative solution for when mistakes are made: the soft delete function for tickets and audits!

Using soft delete is straightforward. You can access this feature exclusively in our web app. Simply select the items you want to remove. Changes you make in the web app will be reflected in the mobile app as well. If you attempt to delete a ticket or audit that doesn’t meet the criteria, our system will notify you. It’s that simple!

Key features:

  • Selective deletion: Only Support and Accountable roles have the right to remove outdated or irrelevant tickets and audits.
  • Bulk deletion: Soft delete supports bulk deletions, allowing you to remove multiple items in one go, saving you valuable time and effort. Items that don’t meet the criteria will be automatically bypassed, ensuring you only modify what’s necessary.
  • Time-sensitive deletion: To ensure that only relevant items are deleted, soft delete is restricted to tickets and audits created within the past 14 days.
  • Safeguarding completed items: Completed audits and tickets are protected from deletion. Your essential project history remains intact, providing valuable insights for your future projects.
  • Archived items: Even archived tickets and audits can be cleaned up, but only if they are empty.

Our soft delete feature enables you to maintain a more organised and efficient project workspace, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters!