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"Did you know that Ed Controls can be paired with a lot of services?"

How do I pair Ed Controls with DocStream?

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Ed Controls is easy to pair with DocStream. Links to Ed Controls can be enabled with an Expert license.

The link between Ed Controls and DocStream pertains to the management of drawings used in Ed Controls. Drawings are managed in DocStream and automatically kept up-to-date in Ed Controls.

What do you need to do to set up the link?

  • Add an e-mail address to the project in DocStream that you wish to link to Ed Controls. That e-mail address can be obtained from our support team and looks something like this:
    xyz9bf69fc25e7fbc888a17ca2b0da@docstream.edcontrols.com ;
  • The long combination before the @ in the e-mail address is the project ID assigned by Ed Controls. Our support team or the account manager at Ed Controls can track down the project ID for you. Feel free to contact us;
  • Activate the link by manually adding drawings to Ed Controls once.

How does the link work?

  • Any change to the project in DocStream will be sent to the e-mail address added above;
  • As soon as we receive an e-mail at the e-mail address, the link will be enabled. Ed Controls reads the content of the e-mail and sees if an attachment has been added.
  • If an attachment is found, the link will see if the name of the attachment matches the name of a group of drawings in Ed Controls.
  • If the name matches, the attachment is downloaded and the drawing is updated.
  • After the drawings are added manually for the first time, the link automatically updates the drawings from that moment on.

Note: This link can only be enabled with the help of our support team or account manager at Ed Controls. Please contact us for more information.

Updated on 25-08-2021

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