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"The same workflow for tickets in Ed Controls is also used for audits!"

What is the workflow for tickets in Ed Controls?

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Four steps are involved in the workflow in Ed Controls.

It goes as follows:

Screenshot Ed Controls Ticket created

A ticket is created by the Accountable or the Support role. The ticket is recorded and must be discussed before it is assigned or archived.

Screenshot Ed Controls Ticket started

In this stage, the Accountable or the Support has assigned the ticket to someone by adding an e-mail address.

Screenshot Ed Controls Ticket completed

Here, the Responsible assigned to the ticket has completed the work. He/she reports this progress by marking the ticket completed and documenting the work with a photo.

Screenshot Ed Controls Screenshot Ed Controls Ticket archived

After the primary contractor has checked the work in the ticket, the ticket can be archived.

In Ed Controls, you can also record things that are immediately and correctly carried out. You can archive these tickets immediately, because they do not need to be monitored. Nevertheless, you have these tickets in the archive and can consult them at a later date..

These tickets will display this icon: Screenshot Ed Controls

Please note: A ticket can be archived at any of the four steps. The icon of an archived ticket can therefore have multiple forms.

Updated on 19-07-2021

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