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"Registering for Ed Controls is easy on our website."

How can I register for Ed Controls?

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To use Ed Controls, you have to go through the one-time registration process. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to web.edcontrols.com/en/;
  2. Click on register at the bottom of the page;
  3. Fill out the registration form that appears;
  4. Click on register;
  5. Open the confirmation email at the email address provided;
  6. Click on confirm;
  7. You can now use Ed Controls on web.edcontrols.com/en/ and in the apps.
  1. Download the Ed Controls application on your Android or Apple tablet/smartphone;
  2. Open the app;
  3. Click on ‘Create an account’ or click on Google account/Apple ID;
  4. Fill in the required fields;
  5. A popup will appear notifying you that you have received an email for verification. Open your mail program and open the verification email (it may be in your spam box);
  6. Click on the confirmation link to confirm your account;
  7. You can now log in using the mobile application.

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Updated on 18-03-2022

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