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"Did you know that Ed Controls can be paired with a lot of services?"

How do I pair Ed Controls with HoomCTRL?

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Ed Controls is easy to pair with HoomCTRL. Links to Ed Controls can be enabled with an Expert license.

The link between Ed Controls and HoomCTRL pertains to the exchange of completed audits between Ed Controls and HoomCTRL. A completed audit and associated tickets will be automatically loaded into HoomCTRL.

This is what our account manager requires to set up the link:

  • The project name of the project in HoomCTRL.

You do this yourself in Ed Controls :

  1. Log into web.edcontrols.com ;
  2. Create a new project by clicking ‘+ New Project’;
  3. Select the contract for which the link was activated;
  4. Under ‘Reference Name,’ enter the exact title of the project in HoomCTRL;
  5. Fill in the rest of the data for the project;
  6. Click ‘create’.

The link will now search for tickets and audits every 5 minutes in the linked projects to load in HoomCTRL.

The link goes looking for tickets that have a lot number as the subject. These lot numbers are then searched in HoomCTRL.

If the lot numbers match, the tickets listed in Ed Controls will be added to HoomCTRL.

The link goes to audits labelled ‘delivered’. The house number mentioned in the titles of the audits is compared with the lot numbers in HoomCTRL.

If they match, it will be verified whether the audit is complete and has at least two signatures. If this is the case, a detailed report will be posted in HoomCTRL.

Note: This link can only be enabled with the help of your account manager.

Updated on 25-08-2021

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