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"Your account manager is happy to help enable two-factor authentication!"

What is the impact of enabling two-factor authentication?

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When enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), it is wise to consider the impact.

  1. 2FA is enabled at the company level. This means that 2FA will apply to any project that falls under the same company.
  2. If 2FA is enabled, everyone from that company involved in a project will receive an e-mail with instructions.
  3. 2FA does not differentiate between the roles in Ed Control; from the moment 2FA is enabled, each user must enter an extra code when logging in.
  4. When a user is involved in a project where 2FA is enabled, the additional security applies to the entire user account. This means that a user must always log in with 2FA, even if the secure project is not being worked on.

Tip: Your company’s account manager can help you think about how to optimally set up Ed Controls in combination with two-factor authentication.

Updated on 17-12-2021

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