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"You can also change the phone number in the user settings."

How do I use two-factor authentication?

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Ed Controls uses two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional security for its users. Use of 2FA is not the default setting. Each company can decide whether or not they wish to use 2FA.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. After enabling 2FA, you will receive an e-mail from Ed Controls;
  2. Open the e-mail;
  3. Click ‘Add phone number’;
  4. Enter your mobile phone number on the next screen and click to confirm;
  5. Log into Ed Controls as usual;
  6. You will now receive a code from Ed Controls by SMS for you to enter;
  7. Enter the code into Ed Controls and continue;
  8. You can now use Ed Controls as usual.

Please note: Use a mobile phone number for the two-factor authentication. You must be able to receive an SMS on the specified number.

Please note: If you don’t add a phone number, you’ll receive an e-mail as a reminder. Once you have added a phone number, you will no longer receive the reminder.

Updated on 03-12-2021

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