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"Is your connection temporarily down? Your data will be first stored on your device. When you're back online, your comments and photos will be uploaded into the cloud."

What is the difference between a device and the cloud?

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Ed Controls stores data on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. That is your device. The data is also stored on our secure server. That’s called the cloud.

Log in to see what’s stored on your device and what’s on the cloud. Projects on your device can be used immediately. Projects on the “Cloud” tab must be downloaded before you can work in it.

Projects that have been downloaded require storage space on your device. So upload unused projects to the cloud. This way you prevent your device from getting cluttered and you can work in your projects faster.

Projects can be moved from your device to the cloud and back at any time. The prerequisite to all this is a working internet connection.

Please note: Cloud storage requires an Internet connection. Storage on your device work offline, so no internet connection is required.

Updated on 17-03-2023

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