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"It's your data, so, when it comes to security, we treat it with extra care."

Where is Ed Controls data stored?

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Ed Controls data is stored in various AWS data centres in Frankfurt, Germany. These are specifically designed to ensure secure data storage.

The data is stored in duplicate (in multiple centres and on multiple devices within the centres). In addition, AWS calculates so-called checksums on all network traffic to detect any corruption of data sets when storing or retrieving data. This means that errors in the data are found quickly.

AWS conducts regular and systematic data integrity checks. Data errors are automatically corrected.

The probability of data loss within AWS is less than 0.000000001 per year and the chance of one of the centers being down is less than 0.01 per year.

The facilities are designed so that two centres can fail simultaneously, without having any impact.

For details on the level of safety, please visit:

For more information about privacy and security at AWS, please visit:

For the certificates with which AWS Frankfurt complies, refer to:

For ISO 27001 certification, see:

For ISO 9001 certification, see:

Updated on 02-06-2021

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