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What is the difference between a template and an audit?

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In Ed Controls, you can perform template-based audits. A template is the framework you use to conduct an audit.

A template consists of one or more categories you can populate with questions yourself. Because a template is the general framework, you can use it multiple times for various audits. An audit can always be recognised by its status and unique number.

Here’s an example to show the difference:

  1. You have created the “Delivery Report” template under the “Templates” tab.
  2. After publishing, the template will be available under the “Audits” tab.
  3. Start a new audit based on the “Delivery Report” template.
  4. Assign the audit a recognisable name. In this example, this could be “NR 14 – Delivery Report”.
  5. If you want to use the same template again at a later date for another construction number, you can use the NR 25 – Delivery Report audit name for instance.

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Updated on 02-06-2021

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