"Information from projects can be viewed as a whole, as well as by project"

What is the Dashboard?

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The Dashboard displays various statistics from Ed Controls. These are available only to the Manager, Admin and Accountable of a project.

The charts offer more insight into your projects and help you cut through the chaos, save time and deliver on the promise.

The Manager and Admin is a role that has oversight of all projects in your contract. This means he can see all the statistics of all the projects. In addition, the Manager and Admin can access all projects in a read-only mode.

The Accountable(s) of your project(s) also have access to the Dashboard. They can see the statistics of their own project(s).

The Manager, Admin and Accountable can view the Dashboard after logging in to the web browser. You can log in at web.edcontrols.com, Ed Controls’ web environment.

The Manager, Admin and the Accountable will see the ‘ new Dashboard’ button in the upper right corner. Next to the new Dashboard button, we have the Dashboard manual. Click on the manual button for the detailed explanation.

  • Respondents with the highest number of tickets
  • Frequency of labels used in the projects
  • Status and location of audit template
  • Timeline of tickets in your projects.

Updated on 27-02-2023

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