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"Always have someone on hand as a backup Administrator. In the event of a disruption, the operational process is therefore still guaranteed."

What do I do when an employee departs the company?

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As soon as an employee leaves the company, the Administrator can revoke the person’s rights. The following steps are important for this:

  • In the project settings, remove the former employee from all projects. The former employee can no longer provide new information for these projects. Tickets and audits are still available for certain roles. Additional steps are needed to do so;
  • E-mail our support team if it concerns the Consulted, Informed, Responsible and/or Accountable roles. We will remove or replace the email address of the former employee by another person within the project. In order to replace the e-mail address of the new person should be known by our support team. This should ensure that no information is lost. The former employee remains visible in the timeline of the tickets and audits, but he/she no longer has access;
  • E-mail our support team or call your account manager if it concerns an Administrator. We will then assign that role to another employee.

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Updated on 01-10-2021

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