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"We understand the construction industry. A good Internet connection is not always readily available."

How do I work offline with Ed Controls?

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On the construction site, you cannot always rely on the Internet. That’s not a problem for Ed Controls.

  1. Lon into your mobile device;
  2. Download the project you want to work in (see ‘How do I download a project to my device?‘);
  3. When the cloud at the top right of your screen turns green, the download is complete Screenshot Ed Controls;
  4. Open the project to claim a license (this applies to both the Accountable and the Support roles);
  5. You can now disconnect from the Internet. This can be done in airplane mode or by turning off your mobile data. The cloud will now turn red Screenshot Ed Controls. This means that there is no internet connection.
  6. Work, as you normally would, in projects you’ve downloaded onto your device.
  7. Once you’re back online, the data will sync with the server.

Please note:You can only log in and out with an Internet connection

Updated on 02-06-2021

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