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"Does the connection icon on your mobile phone or tablet only show one dash? Then work offline."

How do I sync Ed Controls?

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After a period of working offline, you need to sync the data to the cloud. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Connect to a stable Internet connection. Turn on your mobile data, connect to a WiFi connection, or turn off airplane mode;
  2. Once your mobile device is connected to 4G or WiFi, Ed Controls syncs automatically. The cloud Screenshot Ed Controls at the top right of your screen remains yellow while the system is syncing. Once synchronisation is complete, the cloud turns green Screenshot Ed Controls.

Tip: Log out and in again to ‘force’ a sync.

Tip: Make sure that your mobile phone or tablet does not go into sleep mode while syncing. In other words: don’t lock your device.

Updated on 02-06-2021

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