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"The Accountable and Support roles are the only ones that may perform audits. The Manager, Administrator, Informed and Responsible roles can view the audits after they have been performed."

How do I perform an Audit?

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An Audit is nothing more than a digital checklist.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Log into your app;
  2. Open the right project;
  3. Select the ‘Audits’ tab. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list of groups with Audit templates;
  4. Click on one of the groups. You will see the Audit templates included in this group. You will also see the Audits that have already been started or completed;
  5. Click on the Audit template you wish to use.
  6. Start the Audit by clicking the blue plus sign in the lower right corner. You can choose between an area or object audit.
  7. If you opt for an area audit, a new screen will appear. Here you can change the name of the Audit, add drawings and add a Resoponsible and/or Informed. Click ‘next’ to perform the Audit.
  8. If you opt for an object audit, select a ticket or use a ticket as the basis for your Audit. Add the desired Responsible and/or Informed. Click ‘next’ to perform the Audit.

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Please note: If you use a ticket as the basis for your object audit, the Responsible and Informed roles linked to that ticket will be automatically included in the audit.

You can always save your Audit and further edit it later. Once you have signed the Audit, it is final and cannot be modified. You can of course still read the Audit.

Updated on 30-10-2020

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