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"Did you know that Ed Controls has a lot of links available?"

How do I pair Ed Controls with DigiOffice?

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Ed Controls is easy to pair with DigiOffice. Links to Ed Controls can be enabled when an Expert license is purchased.

The link between Ed Controls and DigiOffice concerns the management of drawings used in Ed Controls. Drawings are managed in DigiOffice and automatically synced with Ed Controls. The link works for all projects in Ed Controls from the same company.

What does our account manager need to set up the link?

  • The DigiOffice account username;
  • The URL associated with the domain of the DigiOffice environment.

What should you do in Ed Controls?

  1. Log into Ed Controls via web.edcontrols.com;
  2. Create a new project by clicking on ‘New Project’;
  3. Select the contract for which the link was activated;
  4. Under ‘Reference Name’, enter the exact title of the project in DigiOffice;
  5. Fill in the rest of the data for the project;
  6. Click ‘create’.

The link will now automatically transfer drawings in DigiOffice to Ed Controls. In Ed Controls, the drawings are placed in groups. There are two ways to do this.

If an existing group of drawings in Ed Controls has the same name as the ‘DocumentcategoryText’ in DigiOffice, that group will be used in Ed Controls to load the drawings.

If there is no group of drawings in Ed Controls with the ‘DocumentcategoryText’ as its name, a new group of drawings will be created in Ed Controls to place the drawings in. This new group will be named the ‘DocumentcategoryText’ in DigiOffice.

The link will update the drawings in Ed Controls every 15 minutes. Currently, the link supports drawings in PDF format.

Please note: This link can only be enabled with the help of the account manager. Please contact us for more information.

Updated on 25-08-2021

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