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"When making Tickets for an Audit mandatory, make sure that the burden of proof is recorded. This is all stored in the Audit so you can always quickly retrieve this burden of proof."

How do I make adding tickets to questions mandatory?

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Requesting tickets can be made mandatory in an Audit. This is set in the template and goes as follows:

  1. Sign in;
  2. Select your project;
  3. Select the templates tab;
  4. Select the correct template from the groups on the left or create a new template;
  5. Make adding questions mandatory by selecting the corresponding image next to the question.

Alternatively, you can make adding a ticket for an entire category mandatory by selecting the image next to the name of the category. After publishing the template, it is ready for use.

Please note: If this option is enabled, it is mandatory to add a ticket with a photo to an audit question. The audit cannot be completed as long as this is incomplete.

Updated on 02-06-2021

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