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How do I delete or archive an audit template?

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You can’t permanently delete audit templates. They can only be archived. After archiving, the template is no longer visible on the mobile devices.

You can still find the audit template in the archive on web.edcontrols.com and you can also de-archive the template if you wish. Once that is done, the template will also be visible again on mobile devices.

You archive an audit template as follows:

  1. Log into web.edcontrols.com ;
  2. Select your project;
  3. Click the Templates tab;
  4. Select the correct group of audit templates;
  5. Go to the audit template you want to archive;
  6. After the name of the audit template, click on the archiving icon archive ticket icon. The archive icon turns dark gray. This means that the audit template has been archived.
Updated on 02-06-2021

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