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"Free up storage space on your device by moving files to the cloud."

How do I delete a file from my mobile device?

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Individual files can be deleted from your mobile device. This way you can free up more storage space.

Here’s how it goes.

  1. Log into the Ed Controls app;
  2. Make sure the right project is downloaded to your device;
  3. Open the project;
  4. Go to the Library tab;
  5. Press the appropriate group in the Library;
  6. Search for the correct file;
  7. Now swipe the file with your finger from left to right;
  8. Press ‘Remove from device’;
  9. The file is no longer on your device.

Tip: If you want to download a file again, follow the same procedures. Swipe the file from left to right and press ‘Make available offline’.

Updated on 25-08-2021

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