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How do I create/modify an audit template?

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It is possible to create a template for use in an audit. It is also possible to copy or import templates. The creation of a template is only possible through the web environment: web.edcontrols.com

  1. Choose a project;
  2. Select the “Templates” tab;
  3. Select “New template.
  4. Select the group you want to add the template to or click ‘new group’;
  5. Name your template;
  6. Add categories and questions (note that you also need to name the category, you can do this by double clicking on ‘category name’);
  7. If necessary, tick in the template that it should be an object audit. If this is not checked, the audit will start as an area audit by default.
  1. Click the group in which you want to add a template, or create a new group;
  2. On the top right of the screen the option ‘Import templates’ will appear, click on this;
  3. Select the project from which you want to copy a template;
  4. Find and select the group from which you want to copy a template;
  5. Tick the desired template or templates;
  6. Click ‘import at the top right.

You also have the option, when creating a new template, to copy categories and questions from other templates in the current project. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Click on ‘New template’ or select the template you want to add parts of another template to;
  2. Click on “Copy template.
  3. Select the template group from which you want to copy questions/categories;
  4. Select which categories and questions you want to copy to your new template;
  5. Click on “Add.
  6. The selected categories and questions are now in your new template;
  7. Further customize the template as desired;
  8. Save the template in draft form or publish it immediately.
  1. Open the “Templates” tab;
  2. Find the template in which you want to make changes;
  3. Hover over this template with your mouse, and select the ‘pen’ icon on the right;
  4. Modify the template and save it.

Note: Changes to the template will only become visible when creating a new audit based on this modified template.

Tip: Save your template as a draft in between. The template is then not visible to others, but it is stored. Only after publishing does the template become visible and usable for Audits.

Tip: Managing templates can be made easier by using a Master Project. Here all templates can be maintained in 1 place. For more information, contact your account manager.

Updated on 06-10-2022

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