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"Versioning of a drawing is possible in the Ed Controls Library."

How do I add a new version of a drawing?

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Uploading a new version of a drawing is very simple via the Library.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Sign into web.edcontrols.com
  2. Select the correct project;
  3. Go to the Library tab;
  4. Find the correct drawing in the list;
  5. Move the mouse over the drawing;
  6. On the menu that appears, click “upload new version”;
  7. Select the correct drawing from your own file;
  8. The system will now go about replacing it. You can see the progress in the notification screen;
  9. The drawing has been replaced and is ready for use.

Please note: The new version of the drawing must have the same scale and size as the old drawing! If not, previously entered tickets will appear in the wrong places.

Updated on 30-10-2020

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