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"Versioning of a drawing is possible in the Ed Controls Library."

How do I add a new version of a drawing?

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If a drawing has received an update, this new version can easily be added. The new version will then overwrite the old version of the file.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Sign into web.edcontrols.com
  2. Select the correct project;
  3. Go to the Library tab;
  4. Find the correct drawing in the list;
  5. Move the mouse over the drawing;
  6. In the menu that appears, click on ‘Upload new version’;
  7. Select the new version of the drawing;
  8. The new version will now be converted to a drawing for tickets. You can see the progress in the notification screen;
  9. When the drawing has been successfully replaced, a check mark will appear under the notification bubble.

Please note that the new version of the drawing should have the same scale and resolution as the old drawing! If not, the tickets will shift on the drawing.

Note: To restore an older version of a drawing, click on the source file in the Library and then choose the desired version in the document history. After this, click on ‘Restore this version’.

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Updated on 03-08-2022

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