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"Ed Controls believes in full transparency, therefore deletion is not possible."

Can I delete Tickets and Audits in Ed Controls?

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We understand that occasionally little things can go wrong. Ed controls has a nifty solution for that: the ability to perform a soft-delete on tickets and audits .

Removing tickets and audits is easy. Select the items you want to delete and click the red tresh bin to delete. The functionality is only available in the Ed Controls web environment. Changes you make in the web environment are also reflected in the mobile app. If you attempt to remove a ticket or audit that does not meet the criteria, our system will notify you.

Key features:

  • Selective Removal: Only Support and Accountable roles have the right to remove obsolete or non-usable tickets and audits.
  • Bulk delete: Bulk delete allows you to delete multiple items at once. This saves time and effort. Items that do not meet the criteria are automatically skipped, so you only delete the correct items.
  • Time-sensitive-deletion: To ensure that only relevant items are deleted, deletion is limited to tickets and audits created within the past 14 days.
  • Protection of completed items: Completed audits and tickets are protected from deletion. This keeps your important project history intact, which can provide valuable insights for your future projects.
  • Archived items: Archived tickets and audits can also be deleted, but only if they do not have a completed status.

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Updated on 23-02-2024

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