1. New features as of 24-3-2022

New features as of 24-3-2022

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  • It is now possible to sort by drawing group and underlying drawings in the Tickets tab. When you choose this option, the view will show the tickets, ascending or descending by drawing in the drawing groups. The option to sort ‘by drawing group and drawing’ is only available if you have not selected any filters. If you have already opened a drawing group you will get the option to sort (up or down) by drawing in that group. This change is available on Web, iOS and Android.
  • Earlier it was already possible to add the timeline to a Tickets export, now we have made it possible to also make three choices in this, namely: full timeline (with comments and changes), only the comments (without changes to roles etc.) and without comments (so only changes to roles etc.).
  • Tag filtering in the iOS application is now aligned with the functionality in the Web environment. As on the Web, if 2 or more labels are selected, filtering will be done based on ‘AND’. Suppose you filter on ‘label 1’ and ‘label 2’, only tickets that contain both of these labels will be shown.