1. Individual photos and documents now also possible in Audits without a location

Individual photos and documents now also possible in Audits without a location

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You may be familiar with the situation: You’re running an audit and you get a location- independent question. Wouldn’t it be handy to take a picture or attach a document to the audit? Good news: that’s possible now!

We regularly get questions pertaining to checklists, in which a location does not play a role. Where the location of the device or cable doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the values are crystal clear. The easiest way to do this is with a photo.

Or what about during a site inspection, where we are asked if there is a first aid kit on hand, not where it is precisely. The location doesn’t matter, but a photo is required as proof. A key handover is another example. No location is needed, but again a photo is handy. Or a question about the composition of a concrete mix during a rebar inspection.

Not only individual photos, but even documents

It’s not just photos. In Audits, you can now also directly upload documents for each question. For example, whether there are any certificates? Or is it required for a subcontractor to have a specific diploma? The relevant PDF or Word document is easily linked to the question.

The new addition to Audits makes running an inspection list much faster. As long as the location is not critical, you can add a photo or document quickly and easily. Is location critical? Then you’ll have to create a ticket.

You can upload the following file formats to Audits: png, jpg, jpeg, pdf, xls, xlsx, doc, docx.