1. Filtering across multiple projects

Filtering across multiple projects

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By popular demand, we have added filtering across multiple projects to Ed Controls. To further analyse the results of the cross-project filters, you can export them to Excel. For the time being, this concerns auditing and tickets. Other filtering options across multiple projects will follow.

With the new filters, the safety coordinator can, for instance, view the status of all project tickets related to safety. Management can also see how the construction process is progressing within the company based on the open tickets of all projects.

Filtering on audits in multiple projects simultaneously offers a whole new range of possibilities. Suppose you are working in the fire safety sector. If you have a specific template for fire-resistant walls, you’ll want to know the results from all the audits on these walls in all projects.

The new filter can be found at the top left of the screen. It is only displayed if you are already in a project. Use the dropdown menu to select multiple projects and then filter on labels, persons and status.

We introduced the expanded filter options in November 2020. Since then, we have refined it and added more features. We will continue building on this functionality. If you have any ideas, please let us know.