1. Enhancing ticket and drawing linking for audits

Enhancing ticket and drawing linking for audits

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In response to your feedback and our commitment to improving user experience, we’ve improved how tickets and drawings are linked in audits. Our aim was to make the process clearer and more user-friendly, ensuring a smoother experience on web and mobile platforms.

Addressing user needs:

As a user, I sometimes forget which drawing a ticket is associated with. It would be helpful if I could see all tickets when no drawing is selected, and easily switch to viewing tickets when a drawing is selected.

To address this common challenge, we’ve introduced intuitive features to simplify ticket management. You can easily view all tickets when no drawing is selected, eliminating the need for guesswork. When a drawing is selected, a simple switch option allows you to view all associated tickets, making it a breeze to find the right one.

As a user performing an audit, I want clear guidance on linking tickets to audit questions, so I can easily connect tickets to the right audit inquiries.

Recognising the importance of seamless ticket-to-audit linking, we’ve improved guidance to help you effortlessly associate tickets with relevant audit questions. With clearer instructions and visual cues, you can navigate the process confidently, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Key enhancements:

  • Clearer Guidance: Instructions now provide clearer navigation for ticket linking, reducing confusion.
  • Enhanced Visual Feedback: Real-time visual cues minimize errors and improve user interaction.
  • Optimised Buttons: Button placement and labeling are improved for intuitive action confirmation.
  • Updated Functionality: The update button remains disabled until ticket selections are made, ensuring controlled user actions.

Experience smoother tickets and drawings linking in your upcoming audits!